My Fujifilm cameras

DSCF1010-EditI love Fujifilm’s X-line cameras.  I have had a X-T1 camera body, and I recently bought a X-Pro1 camera body for $499.  Due to the release of X-Pro2, X-Pro1’s price has been reduced significantly lately . As a camera equipment addict, a $499 price tag for X-Pro1 is a great deal since it also comes with a $50 battery, a $25 SDXC, and a $40 camera bag :-)!

One of many good things from Fujifilm company is their sustaining of their existing product lines.  As you might already know, a well-engineered camera can significantly be improved of its features by software upgrades.  Over two years of existence, my Fujifilm X-T1 has had multiple software upgrades, and its firmware is at 4.30 revision at the time of this blog.  Many of these X-T1 upgrades have been feature-enhancements such as improvements in its AF system.  For my X-Pro1, Fujifilm has provided several major upgrades over the last four years since its introduction in 2012.

X-T1 and X-Pro1 are mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras.  X-T1 has a built-in electronic view finder, and X-Pro1 has a hybrid view finder which can be either optical or electronic.  The main reason for me to purchase X-Pro1 is its rangefinder optical view finder.  For many years, I had been drawn to Leica rangefinder M series cameras until I discovered X-Pro1 rangefinder camera a few months ago even this wonderful rangefinder camera has been around for more than four years!  There is a saying that it is better late than never.  So, my rangefinder-style photography has started!