Faceless Portrait photos

Here are a few photos from “Faceless Portrait” theme:

“Nightlife at Gaslamp’s Quarter in San Diego”8496084899_9f8f916d7e_o

“A surfer at Huntington Beach Pier”9z5a3854_28832555950_o

“Paddling out”paddling-out_29203070950_o

“Playing on the beach”9z5a9119_30230534635_o

“A photographer at Huntington Beach”huntington-beach-airshow-10222016_30385802442_o

“A surfer girl at Huntington Beach”15985809089_fcb9c71b16_o


Meah Collins, a talented young surfer

I would like to share with you a sequence of photos from one of many great maneuvers that Meah had surfed at Huntington Beach Pier.  Meah is a pro surfer, a honor high school student, a painter, and a junior golfer.  Earlier this year, Meah earned her first wildcard spot to a Championship Tour during Vans US Open of Surfing 2016.