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Vintage lens review series – Jupiter-8

As you might already know, I am an amateur photographer.  Recently, I have started to collect vintage lenses from various optic manufacturers.  Since there have not been many reviews for these old lenses on the Internet, I would like to share with you my thoughts about vintage lenses that I have owned.  If you are reading this blog due to a search on the Internet, I would assume that you have been familiar with manual-focus lenses thru either native-mount or adapting-mount via mechanical adapters for mounting lenses on your camera(s).  Important note:  your camera’s flange focal distance plus adapter must be equal to the flange focal distance of the original camera.

My copy of Jupiter-8 was made in 1964, and it was cataloged as PT3065.  From 1949 to 1990’s, there had been many variations of Jupiter-8’s.  I had paid US$26 on eBay for my Jupiter-8 in 2018.

How I use this lens:

  1. Leica M240 + M39-LM adapter (rangefinder-coupled OVF and EVF)
  2. Fujifilm X-M1 + LM-FX adapter (EVF only)


Using my Leica lenses as a reference (10), I would rate this lens a 6 score in build quality.


Excellent price for a fast prime lens


This lens has six elements in three group, and it is a Sonnar design.

Sample photos:

See my Flickr album Here

How I feel about owning this lens:

I like this lens for its compactness, rangefinder-coupling for my Leica M, being built in a USSR’s factory, and excellent price.